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TP series – Cooling/Heating

Tokai Hit Cooling/Heating System mounting both cooling peltier devices and heating elements allows accurate temperature control nearby/below ambient temperature.
The setting possible range for plate surface is 4℃-60℃ and can be used for observations of yeast, plants, marine life, cultured cell, C.elegans, Planaria and so on.


Applicable stage: Mechanical stage for stereo microscope, Illuminatioon base for stereo microscope
By using Mounting Plate that comes with the product, the plate can be attached to the mechanical stage.


Components: Cooling/Heating Plate, Controller, Chiller Unit, Mounting Plate, Clamps (springs for holding dish), Power Code, CBU Link Cable, Tube Set

TP-CHxxx合わせ_イメージ図 - コピー
Plate :
Dimensions :
W110 × D110
Controller :
Dimensions :
Weight :
Power consumption :
Controllable temp.:
(plate surface)

Support Micrscope brand / Stage (required Adapter)

Support vessel / Dish Attachment

  • 35mm
  • 50mm
  • 60mm
  • Chamber slide
  • Chambered cover glass
  • Slide glass

Support software

Not Available

Add-on options

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