Thermo Plate

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ThermoPlate TP series – Cooling/Heating

Mounts both cooling Peltier devices and heating elements and allows accurate and stable sample temperature control. Best for observation of yeast, plants, marine life, cultured cell, C. elegans, Planaria and so on.


Microscope: Nikon Ti2/TS2R

Applicable stage: XY manual stage (TC-S-SR/SRF)


Setting range: 4℃ – 60℃
Plate dimension: W127.5 × D85
Observation area (hole size): φ20



Cooling/Heating Plate, Controller, Chiller Unit, Clips, Power Code, CBU Link Cable, Tube Set



・Stable sample temperature control even at about room temperature or lower temperatures


Note: Incompatible with external temperature sensor and software TEM.

TP-CHxxx合わせ_イメージ図 - コピー
Plate :
Dimensions :
W127.5 × D85
Controller :
Dimensions :
Weight :
Power consumption :
Controllable temp.:
(plate surface)

Support Micrscope brand / Stage (required Adapter)

Support vessel / Dish Attachment

  • 35mm
  • 50mm
  • 60mm
  • Chamber slide
  • Chambered cover glass
  • Slide glass

Support software

Not Available

Add-on options

Not Available