Thermo Plate

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ThermoPlate TPi series – TPi Controller

・Realized downsizing and weight-saving compared to the former models.

・Multi-function system supports temperarture management in various fields such as biological science.

・External Temperature Sensor and Logging Software TEM are available.

・In addition to flat placement, the controller can be leaned or hanged on the wall by using Mounting Hook that comes with the product.

TPi Controller

External dimensions: W85 x D135 x H30 mm

Weight: 160g


Please note that the controller cannot be provided alone.

TPiE Controller does not have an inlet to connect the external temperature sensor.

Plate :
Dimensions :
Controller :
Dimensions :
Weight :
Power consumption :
Possible sample setting temp. range:
* under room temp. 25℃±2℃

Support Micrscope brand / Stage (required Adapter)

Support vessel / Dish Attachment

Support software

Not Available

Add-on options

Not Available